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  1. I saw the video where she said that after 8 years Ssharad said he don't want to marry her also indirectly she said she is fearing to make a new relationship with someone cause what she will do again if the person do 2 timing & refuse to marry her after dating for such a longer period of time, i found only 1 video of Ssharad where he was saying 'being a girl she got all the sympathy' that's the only thing he said about her if it wasn't his fault then he would have mentioned that but nothing like that he even indirectly said cause clearly it wasn't her fault. she n her family wanted to get marry n settle down at this stage of life n for that she knock Ssharad's door after being in a relationship with him for 8 long years but he ditched her & now she found a nice guy whom she n her family considered is not gonna leave her hence finally she is settling down in her life, i see nothing wrong in that cause how long someone will cry for the guy who left her at a crucial stage of her life!