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Be an active listener and stand beside the gaping hole that has opened in their life.Your friend in this time of sorrow will not have the capacity or energy levels to identify a need, so a gatekeeper is helpful.

Even though the present will be full of pain, it's important to avoid sweeping statements about the past or the future as these attempts to soothe them with future-based or all-knowing suggestions can take them away from what they are experiencing in the here and now.

If you have the capacity to be present for your friend, make concrete offers by being reliable.

Avoid offering to do the laundry or cleaning the house .

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and say, “You’ll never guess what happened?

”There are no rules or timelines to the grieving process, and no amount of pressure from others can make our loved ones move through the process any faster.

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Tackle projects together by offering your assistance and following through because your presence alone is powerful. Helping someone through grief is a tricky path to navigate.

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