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Introducing the famous “point blankets” in 1780, where a given blanket’s size was determined at a glance by its assigned point value (“points” were indigo lines woven into the side of each blanket to show its size and thickness at a glance without having to unfold or stretch it out), the Hudson’s Bay blankets became a recognized standard for comparison with all others.Wool blankets were traditionally used by most military forces from the 1800s through the 1900s, and even though more modern synthetics began to take over the commercial fabric market in the mid-1960s with lighter-weight clothes and blankets, wool has never been equaled for what it has to offer the camper, hunter, general outdoorsman or even the city dweller looking for a warm and long-lasting blanket to wait out those cold winter nights until spring ambles along.Watch for moths if left exposed, or store the blanket in a plastic bag or its original container.

White explorers and fur trappers who operated year-round needed heavy blankets for sleeping and to be made into the so-called mountain man’s parka—the robe-like capote.

For more, visit or call 800-624-0201.descendant of those that were quite popular among the early sheepherders in that part of the country.

Available in two sizes, twin and queen, and three different patterns, the Yakima is a best-seller for Pendleton.

A well-made capote crafted from one or more high-quality wool blankets was surprisingly warm with its long calf-length drape, shoulder cape and hood, and highly valued.

Native Americans would trade furs, horses and even squaws for a good blanket to get through the winter; most were worn hanging over the shoulders during the day by a simple wraparound-and-tie-off method, and rolled into at night.

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An additional $10 upcharge per three-initial monogram over the queen-sized Yakima’s $149 price tag identifies a blanket as unquestionably yours.

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