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The density and vulnerability of modern human society make it likely that future earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, weather events and climate shifts may cause vast trauma and damage to stricken towns, cities, settlements, economies.Yet the predictive capabilities of the Earth sciences (catastrophic geology; seismology; vulcanology; climatology) give little indication that Earth changes of cataclysmic proportions are about to occur on Earth.The threat of cataclysmic earth changes caused by secret EM warfare is not occurring in a vacuum.Extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI for short) may be signaling a positive initiative to integrate us into interplanetary society.Earth science analysis reveals no trend, evidence, or sign that cataclysmic Earth changes are about to occur.A trend analysis of the full database of the United States Geological Service and the National Earthquake Information Service does not reveal that large scale Earth changes are at hand.As a January 1999 Richter 6.0 earthquake in Colombia taught us, it is the human factors - social chaos and rebellion; mass looting; failures of government planning and organization - that cause the consequential damages in modern earthquakes. Earth changes of cataclysmic scale could occur with the reversal or distortion of the Suns magnetic field at the end of a 26,000-year cycle predicted by the Mayan calendar for a time window around December 22, 2012.

Cataclysmic Earth changes may or may not come to pass, we do not know enough about the future to say with certainty.We now have the evidence upon which to hypothesize that the Asian Tsunami of December 26, 2004 (Boxing Day) may have been caused by gravity waves which accompanied a gamma ray burst caused by the explosion of a Neutron Star in the Constellation Saggitarius, some 45,000 light years from Earth."both our species' recent history and that of the crust of our planet, have been both gradual and catastrophic.Catastrophic geology, seismology, vulcanology, and astronomy do not forecast cataclysmic scale earth events (massive tectonic shifts, subsidence or rising of new land masses from the ocean, turning of the earth on its axis).Yet high psychics , with confirmed records of accuracy, predict these very cataclysmic events.

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