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For instance, he said that in November 1985 President Reagan signed an official document, known as an intelligence finding, that authorized retroactively the United States Government's assistance in the shipment of Hawk antiaircraft missiles from Israel to Iran in a direct attempt to obtain the release of American hostages in the Middle East.This was the first evidence that such a finding had been signed.The colonel can still be prosecuted on evidence obtained independently of the Congressional testimony. Walsh, has put stacks of evidence under seal to show that the material was obtained before the testimony began.In a formality at the outset of the session today, Colonel North asserted his Fifth Amendment right once more, and the committee chairmen read the order requiring his testimony.''I did a lot of things, and I want to stand up and say that I'm proud of them,'' the colonel declared.After the testimony, Senator Sam Nunn, Democrat of Georgia, said it was now clear to him that ''Colonel North did kick the ball upstairs.'' Skepticism on His Veracity Colonel North insisted that he intended to tell the committees the full truth.

I realize there's a lot of folks around that think there's a loose cannon on the gun deck of state at the N. Reagan outlining the diversion, each one with a place for the President to check his approval or disapproval.

''I have never carried out a single act, not one, in which I did not have authority from my superiors,'' he asserted. People used to walk up to me and tell me what a great job I was doing.'' [ Excerpts, pages A8 and A9.

''I haven't in the 23 years that I have been in the uniformed services of the United States of America ever violated an order, not one.'' Rebuts 'Loose Cannon' Image Over the last several months, the former National Security Council aide has been depicted as a renegade who carried out activities without authority. ] He said he never discussed the diversion of arms sales profits to the contras directly with the President and did not remember seeing the President's authorization in writing.

The committees has gone through the same ritual with some previous witnesses.

'Irreverent Tone' Disparaged Some of the committee members seemed put off by the colonel's manner. Trible Jr., a Virginia Republican, said he was ''surprised'' by Colonel North's ''irreverent tone.'' Senator William S.

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