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Is there a could explaination of handling exceptions in web controls?protected void fv Account_Item Inserted(object sender, Form View Inserted Event Args e) Thanks Andrew Hello Andrew, Thanks for your quick reply. Transfer (server-side redirection) later, client-script approach won't work.

The edit template contains a Drop Down List and the population, binding, and updating is all handled declaratively. After you complete the data source wizard the Form View will have controls added to it for the Item Template, Edit Item Template, and Insert Item Template.A friend of mine actually asked me about this particular problem: what is a good way to bind a Drop Down List in a Form View.Since this particular challenge wasn't on my radar I provided him with a workable solution, but thought a better solution was possible.The Text Box controls provide basic data entry support for editing a record.To demonstrate data binding for a Drop Down List in a Form View switch the Form View to the Edit Item Template.

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