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I visited at the time of the royal wedding, three years ago.Even the then owner, the Hon Hugh Gibson, who had begun working at Royal Crown Derby when it was owned by the family firm, Pearsons, and ended up, decades later, buying it, could not take the commemorative stock entirely seriously.

He went on to become one of the giants of the Industrial Revolution, making not only the 952-piece Frog Service for Catherine the Great (destined for her palace of La Grenouillère, each piece was decorated with a frog) but mass-produced lines that could be sold in quantity to the middle classes.

But the arrival of French gipsies in Stoke-on-Trent this week had an altogether different effect, because they came to buy pottery.

Matthew Rice, managing director of Emma Bridgewater, the fashionable ceramics brand, found the visitors in the car park of his factory.

Far better to buy one from Muji, where it’s white to begin with.

Almost the only place where you can see bone china made properly in this country is Royal Crown Derby.

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In the Seventies, the brand was acquired by Royal Doulton, which was swallowed by Waterford Wedgwood at the beginning of this century.

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