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Every scene he was in was cringeworthy and shocking.

"Your checks are still going to clear if I have a little fun," she snapped. Jason Alexander: Perhaps what was most surprising about this scene was how they didn't actually show you Britney marrying her hometown friend. " - Felicia "Fe" Culotta, Brit Brit's longtime assistant and friend. Just watching a fictional rendition again is still hard to swallow.12.

Even though Britney fans know her story in and out, watching it all over again certainly induced some emotions. News is recapping the biggest bombshell moments from Lifetime's project. "They'd never let me do that.": The opening scene started with a bang.

It opened with Britney (Natasha Bassett) filming her new documentary and without hesitating she admitted that she doesn't control her life, seemingly referring to the conservatorship her father has over her.2.

When Miley Cyrus twerked her way into the headlines with her controversial performance at the MTV VMA's, it was the final nail in the coffin for her sweet girl image.

By stripping to her flesh-toned latex underwear and gyrating suggestively on a very married Robin Thicke, she confirmed what the world had long suspected - her Hannah Montana days are well and truly over.

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