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Browse files Categories New today New recently Latest files Top files Tag search Files of the month Files without tags Add a file Manage your files Manage files you have access to Tracking centre Download history *Paintings - Screen shots for the paintings were created by Dark Stone, Victoria and Willie Sea at allowed to be in this mod by the original authors approval.*Painting Frame mesh - Willie Sea*Clocks - Willie Sea*Garden planter boxes mesh - Willie Sea*Tomato Plant mesh - Willie Sea*Tomato plant texture - Elinen*Apple Trees mesh - Willie Sea*All Retextures - Willie Sea*Custom Horse - Willie Sea*Ambrosia Potion mesh - Willie Sea*Spoils chest mesh - Willie Sea*High Definition re-created teleport maps - Willie Sea*Help with formatting Nexus page - Saiodin*Basement NPC merchant clothing - Cotyounoyume - A little sexy armor and clothes

id=5564Retexture by Willie Sea*Garden Apothecary Merchant clothing - Sydney B - Ashara Princess of the Woods for UNP

Add perk point spell created called "Azura's Word".05.

Seventeen new weapon displays added to Display Museum.06.

Activate the basket in the tower top to start the game.

Ten random colored eggs will be hidden in 50 different random locations in the ' Basement'.

Fixed easter egg property that had lost its link.03/23/2013 - v3.401.

This mod may not be uploaded in its entirety to any other web locations without my consent.

I can be reached through private message on the nexus as ' William Sea' or on TESAlliance as ' Willie Sea' or on the Bethesda forum as ' Willie Sea'.*KNOWN BUGS**There could be a 'gap' in the neckline of the merchant when she is in her bikini.*When the blood in the arena updates, it vanishes for a second.

Don’t know why but it does.*Auto-sorters clean enchantments from vanilla game objects that you enchanted yourself.*The vampire and werewolf cure/give button is not perfect. Updated version number on Available DLC painting in tower top.04/14/2013 - v3.501.

You need to be in human form for the vampire cure to work correctly.*BETA TESTERS**lilith*Ysne58*CHANGE LOG*-------------------04/16/2013 - v3.5a01. More things added to Harvestables spell: Salmon, Salmon Roe, etc.02. Removed several notes to keep from breaking "favor' quests.04.

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Auto-sort for Dragonborn DLC - Added enchanted Heavy and Light Chitin and Heavy Nordic armors.13. Holiday settings button in Lab allows you to turn them off or on.12. Levelers Perks now work correctly with vanilla perks of same type. Briarheart Geis added to ' Enchanted Weapons Chest' next to forge.15. NPC Maid added to living quarters with a full schedule to sweep the place up.28.

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