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A very respected and knowledgeable Scholar of Comparitive Spiritual Studies said of this part of the original Oahspe, that he saw this as Creator chastising Newbrough for what he intended to do with the Book. But, it was to be an unmarked grave in NM until he was long forgotten by Masons.See his paraphrase below the verse: Oahspe Publishing now exposes J. Today his headstone given to him by the Oahspe cult shows the incorrect date of his death chiselled into stone.Lant kept the dental impression originals safe somewhere but no one knows where they could be, but they were never used for publishing the original 1881. A good mystic would know there is twelve aspects/entities of Creator.In Oahspe's Book of Ben it shows Jehovih as the Godhead and his Children.

Quote: I think I have written enough on the subject of the "Oahspe Bible" and it was fitting that I should do so, if it were merely to indicate some of the errors which are manifest throughout, as well as to indicate its relative importance, and I urge you not to devote your time to reading this voluminous work, for it does not, as I have explained, lead to the Father's Love through soul longings and prayer.

Though authorities initially thought 23-year-old Helen Hargan killed her mother, 63-year-old Pamela Hargan, in the laundry room of the family home before shooting herself in an upstairs bedroom on July 14, a search warrant filed a week after the shootings and unsealed this week reveals a very different theory: Namely, that Pamela Hargan and her youngest of three daughters were murdered before the scene was "altered and staged," WUSA reports. The search warrant states that Megan Hargan—another of Pamela Hargan's daughters who neighbors say was living at the family home with her own daughter at the time—attempted "fraudulent" money transfers from her mother's bank account on the day of the shootings as well as the day before.

WUSA previously reported that a Texas man dating Megan or a third daughter had called police to alert them to the shootings, claiming his girlfriend had called and told him Helen Hargan killed her mother.

– For months, residents of Mc Lean, Virginia, believed that the shooting deaths of a mother and daughter were the result of a murder-suicide.

That impression has now been replaced by fears of a murderer on the loose.

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This chiselled symbolism seems to fit his contrived 'bible' Oahspe, and how he 'chiselled us with his fiction and old dangerous spiritism cult thinking, with a tribal earth God named Jehovah(ih) that requested Rites, Rituals and dangerous reversed Masonic Initiations.

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